About Innovent

We are a leading transmedia production company connecting media to audiences, brands to content, and sponsorship opportunities to brands. As a strategic media consultancy and technology firm, we mainly specialize in the independent film and entertainment industries — with a heavy focus on projects that promote positive social change.

We are not the run-of-the-mill Silicon Valley technology start-up, we are a group of passionate people who value the work that we do and the time we spend doing the work. We choose highly creative projects that actually make a meaningful impact in peoples’ minds and lives. We build game-changing technology with a team of social entrepreneurs, media experts, and technologists, for inspiring clients who we build real relationships with. Our clients are the thought leaders of the independent film, art, and documentary worlds.

The person that will thrive at our company is someone who is driven by their spirit of creativity and providing meaning to their work. We foster an environment of creative freedom, that urges us to build spectacular experiences for people that are not just visually inspiring but are also innovative, thought-provoking, and self-reflective. With paradigm-shifting transmedia projects flowing in, we are currently sourcing talented members to add to the team. Join us and experience everything that this company offers:

  • Excellent growth potential – work on innovating emerging technologies
  • Collaborate with a team of creative make-it-happeners
  • Opportunities to work closely with world-renowned artists, musicians, and filmmakers
  • Flexibility with time and space needs (We prefer candidates who can come into our Half Moon Bay office several times a week, but exceptions can be made.)
  • Travel opportunities around the globe to film festivals (Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca), art galleries for launches of art installations, and concerts to unveil our music installations


Internship Description – Transmedia Producer

We are a fast paced and rapidly growing company focused on the iPhone and iPad applications. We are looking for an aspiring transmedia producer to join our team at our Half Moon Bay office for a summer internship. We are looking for someone who possess strong communication skills, and will be enthusiastic, well organized, and capable of working on multiple initiatives at a time.


You will be

  • Overseeing the development of narrative extensions as they relate to their property
  • Designing spaces for people to interact, play, and collaborate
  • Drawing connections across media forms to enhance storytelling
  • Conceptualizing, analyzing, and designing experiences at the macro-level
  • Working under the direction of the task lead


Job Requirements

  • Have an understanding of the principles of transmedia
  • Camera skills
  • Basic principles in story architecture
  • Social media skills
  • Understanding of the relationship between content, context, and culture
  • Experience in the use of technology to progress transmedia narratives
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment and meet aggressive deadlines focusing on quality, compliance, and attention to detail.
  • Highly-motivated individual who is able to learn quickly
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with extensive experience in writing design/technical documentation
  • Strong, accountable and proven individual and team performer, capable of working well with deadlines
  • Independent of any recruitment agencies!



Desired Skills

  • Editing skills (final cut or premier)
  • Motion graphic skills
  • Ability to manage all cycles of production
  • Work experience with transmedia team to create audience engagement strategies


This is a paid internship. Please e-mail careers@innovent.tv to set up a telephone interview for the week of May 28. We will be holding follow-up interviews in person the week of June 4. No recruitment agencies, please!


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