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What Is the Kind Campaign?

So often, we are faced with world-scale problems that seem impossible to solve. What we fail to realize is that at the root of so many of our problems is a lack of human connection and respect for others. If we all learned to consistently practice kindness, there would be fewer of these problems in the first place. With the constant pressures girls face to look and act a certain way, competition and jealousy have gotten in the way of functional friendships. While males have been taught to compete in sports and to view each other as comrades, females have been taught to compete with each other, and view one another as threats. This is a concept we must unlearn quickly. It’s common to hear girls complain about how unfair it is that boys can maintain a group of friends throughout a lifetime, but for girls, having ONE true friend makes you lucky. These facts are evidence of the lack of connection and respect that we are talking about. We are here to change that.

For it to be considered “normal” that girls physically and emotionally bully each other is a sad reality that we can only change as individuals. Although we have all been victims, we also share responsibility. None of us can say that we have never said or done something to wrong another female. It’s important to recognize that we ALL need to change our habits. It is also important to realize that the girls who are lashing out and bullying have a story to tell too.

The intent of Kind Campaign is not to point fingers, because that too contributes to the vicious cycle, but rather to put ourselves in each other’s shoes, and to make a change by spreading kindness, compassion, and understanding.

By sharing your story within the interactive facets of this website you are choosing to take a stand against girl on girl bullying. You can make this change possible. We are not talking about solving world hunger or global warming here; we are talking about BEING KIND TO EACH OTHER.


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  1. Livia Gussman says:

    Nice to be here, helpful short post.

  2. Joe says:

    Congratulations J. & B. ! Bravo let me know when we can get a dvd sent to us. And yes a screening sduons great! We are moving again to what appears to be a healthier theatre and community for us and our children Ft. Myers, FL in a couple of weeks.We all desperately miss Mt. Shasta.Peace to you,Michael

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